NAME Anastasia Afonina  



The main idea of the project I am working on at the moment is to immerse the viewer into different situation/environment, where he can experience some daily conflicts in the very extreme way.
It will be the VR video, which you can watch using VR glasses. Once you wear it, you find yourself in the dark room surrounded by 4 groups of people. Each group represents people from your daily life: parents, child, friend, employer.
All the people constantly talk to viewer (you) at the same time. VR experience makes you feel free to choose which conversation you would like to follow, but you can also swap from one to another story by turning your head different direction.
For the first minute people are very friendly, but later on they all get mad at you. For instance, the girl that represents your child is getting pissed of because you do not pay enough attention to what she is doing for you. Parents are getting upset they you never spend enough time with them, etc. People from the video ask you questions which you cannot answer, since it is just a Virtual Reality. They wait for some reaction from you, but you cannot affect the situation. This aspect makes you disabled and gives you a feeling of helpless. Whatever people around tell you to do, you cannot change anything. In other words, my main goal is to make viewer feel uncomfortable being a victim in the situation which does not even exist.