NAME Emma van den Berg  

Relatie Project


In my film I followed my close friend Mical and her mother Stephanie. Mical grew up as a single child with a single mother, just like I did. For one month I filmed and followed them in a period in which their symbiotic relationship was about to change. A moment of seperation. Mical, the daughter is a 24 years old girl who lived at home with her mother till now. Her mother Stephanie got Mical when she was 27 en divorced Mical’s father 2 years after she was born. For the biggest part of Micals life she raised her by her own. Even though they are two strong individual, unique, eccentric characters, they’ve also shared their living space closely for the last 25 years and are strongly attached to each other. But that was about to change since Mical made the decision to move to San Francico and start her new adult life there. Her one way ticket was booked and there where no plans of moving back. Even though Mical is already a strong independent girl who makes her own decisions despite of what her mother thinks, the underlying emotions of an truly physical upcoming seperation is present. A shift of family related space. A shift of time. With my film I question the space between mother and daughter, and how a detachment in a symbiotic relationship can take place.