Dear Students.

Thank you for subscribing to the Y.2 event!
We are excited to prepare the NON STOP 48hrs
lasting from tuesday april 26 14:30hrs -thursday april 28th 14:30hrs

This mail is to communicate the domestic information.
But first these are our beds:

- It will be 48hr nonstop. Small breaks for food and some sleep.
Clear your agenda. No inbetweens.

- We start with the lectures at the academy on tuesdayafternoon in room K29 at 14.30 and go to MediaMatic Bank straight afterwards to set up the workspace. Have a GadoGado and immediately go into two hands-on workshops by Sander Veenhof and Harold Schellinx

We expect some honored guests on wednesday to drop in for a tea. Anyhow every break - will it be tea or beer - will be the moment to collectively sharpen the development of your artwork.

See the schedule at

- We'll end with 10 minute presentations of the results on thursday afternoon.

- Bring your own laptop. If you have not, tell us, we'll try to arrange one.

- The sleeping is 'crash'style. We have a number of "camping mattresses", provide earplugs and blindfolds. For washing there is mainly the kitchensink and toilet. So bring your own blanket or sleeping bags and teddy bear.

- Although MediaMatic and your hosts Marjolijn and Peter will take care of the kitchen still we need you to do some chores and small duty. We'll have a paper on the wall to sign up for that as well.